Online donations

We graciously accept donations via e-Transfer from most financial institutions. Should you wish to donate financially to our church in this way, here are some details:

  • Donations are to be sent to:
  • Prior to sending a donation, contact our treasurer, Dorothy Janzen to setup your donor file as needed.
  • Financial institutions may charge a fee to send an e-Transfer. These fees are not part of your donation and are not eligible for a tax receipt.
  • Charitable donation receipts will only be issued to Canadian donors who give more than $10 in a given year. Receipts are typically distributed late January / early February.
  • When you make a donation to Crestview Fellowship, that is a way of saying you trust us to be faithful stewards with your resources. We take that trust seriously. Our books and processes are reviewed multiple times per year to ensure the integrity of our finances.
  • Donations designated for an approved project/ministry are eligible for a charitable receipt & will be used as specified. If the project/ministry is fully funded or cannot be completed for any reason, the board/trustees will direct the funds to another project or ministry as required.
  • God established practices and guides to enable His people to support the work of His ministry, and we thank you for being a partner with us. Remember, Jesus’ death and resurrection paid the sin and guilt offerings required in the past. Therefore, we hope your donations are an act of worship and not done out of guilt or obligation. God bless!